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"I just wanted to say that the students LOVED the presentation today. They wish we could do it every day! It was a wonderful way to begin the day. Thank you for providing such an amazing service".
-Donna C. Whelan Elementary School

School Classroom Visits

60 minute Curriculum Based, Hands ON programs in Science & Math

Rates: Daytime Programs are $125 for no more than 25 kids.
Evening Programs are $175 for no more than 25 kids.

Pow!Science! Block Party:
Mathematics, Engineering & Team Problem Solving

Teamwork, Engineering & Mathematics

Going Ballistic!
Newton's Laws, Gravity & Mathematics

Kid Chemistry
Solids, Liquids,Gasses, Atoms & Polymers

Geology Rocks!
Mineral Identification & Rock Sleuthing

Dynamic Earth
Earth Science & Natural Disasters

Marbles, Tracks & Ramps(KITES)
Gravity,Ramps, Rolling Physics & Team Problem Solving

Balance & Motion(KITES)
Force,Motion,Newton's Laws & Inertia

Machines in Motion (KITES)
Levers, Gears,Pulleys:Simple Machines & more

What's that Sound? (KITES)
Energy, waves and the science of Sound

Electricity! (KITES)
Circuits,Energy, Current, Voltage & Resistance

Spy Science
Code making &breaking,fingerprinting and more.

Pre-K & K favorite! Make fossils, learn about Dino-digestion & more!