Pow! Science! Birthday Parties!

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Parties at Pow! Science! (On-site Parties, In Our Activity Center!)

Parties are 2 hours of science-based fun and entertainment at the coolest party venue in Rhode Island! In general, the first hour is science-based interactive fun based on the party theme you choose (with additional time added for any optional extras listed below). The remaining time (usually 20-30 minutes) is for celebrations with family and friends! 

Bring your own cake! Or cupcakes! Or pizza! The choice is yours! -- You will have a 3' x 6' table for your Food/Gifts/Decorations - it will be covered with newsprint which can be written on but other tablecloths are welcome too!

SINGING HAPPY BIRTHDAY is always encouraged!

Parties at Pow! Science! cost $235.00 for up to 15 kids, then $5.00 per extra child up to a maximum of 25!

Note: A non-refundable deposit of $50.00 is required when booking a party in our Activity Center.

Please call 401-788-1024 to book your on-site party or if you have any questions!

Activity Center Tables for Birthday Parties

Activity Center - The paper-covered table against the wall (left) will be yours to decorate and/or fill with cake, cookies, pizza... Children will sit at tables placed down the center of the room (more tables will be added based on the number of children). The Chalkboard (now blank) will have your Child's name written on it!

Activity Center Toys

Activity Center - Around the edge of the room are a few adult-sized chairs for parents/grandparents but many adults will probably stand/mingle. Adults are free to move around the store during the party but the kids remain in the room. The toys are for use before/after the party. The room is "enclosed" - it is yours during your child's Birthday Party!

Activity Center (Not pictured) - A bathroom is available for use during the party for party guests only.


Our Parties are Educational and Fun!

Birthday Parties at Pow! Science are 2 hours of entertaining, enlightening, and hands-on FUN at the coolest party venue in Rhode Island!

We had my son's birthday party there and he and all his friends LOVED this place...even the adults had fun. -Diane M.
Thank you for a wonderful LEGO Party. The kids had tons of fun. Nicholas said, "it was my best party ever!" My husband keeps commenting on how well run it was. He said it was his favorite too. -Carla J.

How to Plan Your Party at Pow! Science

1. Pick a Date and Time

We offer parties on the following days and times (Saturdays fill up fast!).

Fridays: 5-7 pm
Saturdays: 10-12 pm, 1-3 pm, 4-6 pm
Sundays: 10-12 pm, 1-3 pm, 4-6 pm

2. Call Us and Book Your Date

We'll be happy to answer any questions you have and discuss the options with you.

Please call 401-788-1024 to book your party or for more party info!

A $50.00 Deposit is due upon registration, non-refundable if you cancel within 3 weeks of your party date. Sorry, but we cannot "pencil in" tentative party dates. You are not officially booked until your deposit has been received.

3. Select a Party Theme

You don't have to pick a theme when you book a party but we do need to know a full week in advance. If you are undecided our staff will be more than happy to discuss the options with you in greater detail.

Go to Themes

4. Select a few Awesome Extras or Add-ons! (Optional)

We can take care of the little Extras that make a party truly memorable! Add a Pyrotechnic Candle, Indoor Roller Coaster, and more. Our Awesome Extras! are listed below.

**Please note: On-site parties can accommodate up to 2 add-ons, some of which are too time-consuming to do in the same party. Please feel free to ask our staff for more information. Off-site parties can accommodate only 1 add-on.

Go to Extras

5. Send Invitations (Optional)

Click here for a printable (pdf) invitation or create your own.

Pow! Science! Party Themes

Alchemical Chemistry!

A glass beaker with bubbles in it.

Appropriate for kids turning 5 to turning 8

Color-changing chemistry, color mixing, and bubbling beakers are just part of the fun! Kids create a gooey blob of brightly colored GOOEY SLIME to take home, and the birthday child performs an amazing Science Magic Trick right before everyone's eyes!

The glue used to make slime is Gluten-Free.

A single Latex Balloon is used during a demonstration at this party.

Chem 201

chem 201

Big Kid Chemistry! Let's Blow Stuff Up! Appropriate for kids turning 8 and older.

Soda Geysers, mysteriously floating bags, and the weirdest bar of science soap you've ever seen kick off the sequel to our most popular program ever - Alchemical Chemistry!

Witness a real-live Science EXPLOSION! Bubble a mystery potion all over the table!

The action never lets up as we finish it off by sending film canisters (remember those?) into high-flying orbit, like mini-rockets, shooting all over the place!

As there is no "Take-Home" item made during this party, Goodie Bags are included in your party price!

A single Latex Balloon is used during a demonstration at this party.

Citiblocs Block Party!

Interlocking blocks.

Build bridges, build castles, build towers to the sky! Appropriate for kids turning 5 to kids turning 12 (we can scale the complexity of the building projects to suit the age of the children attending).

Building is an activity that all kids love, and at the Citiblocs Block Party, the sky is literally the limit! We'll show the kids how to play games and use precision-cut wooden blocks in creative and innovative ways that will have them wishing the party would never end! Think your kids are past playing with blocks? Give ours a try!!

As there is no "Take-Home" item made during this party, Goodie Bags are included in your party price!



Party like a Parasaurolophus! Appropriate for kids turning 5 to turning 8.

Kids learn about plant and meat-eating dinosaurs, simulate dinosaur digestion, make two kinds of fossils, and find the other members of their dinosaur herd!

Each participant makes an awesome etching of their favorite dinosaur or fossil as the take-home!

Party prehistoric style!

Dynamic Earth

dynamic volcano

The Volcano Party! Appropriate for kids turning 7 and up.

Earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions! Kids model and demonstrate the phenomena that shape our ever-changing planet while learning about plate tectonics, meteorology, and more! Every participant takes home their own eruptable Volcano!

The Earthquake Experiment performed during "Dynamic Earth" uses a Milky Way candy bar. Milky Way bars DO NOT CONTAIN Peanut products, but since they are manufactured in the same facility as Snickers (which do contain peanuts), we would like to bring this to your attention.

As a rule, our instructors do NOT allow any participants, even those without allergies, to eat the Milky Way.

Fizz, Bubble, POW!


Fizzing, Foaming, Bubbling Reactions, and MORE! Appropriate for kids turning 4 to kids turning 6.

It's everything kids want from a "Science" party! This includes real test tubes and flasks along with mysterious potions that foam and bubble! We also play a "bug hunt" game and learn about natural selection. Fizz... Bubble... POW!... Science!

As there is no "Take-Home" item made during this party, Goodie Bags are included in your party price!

LEGO Zipline Party!



Let's Get Building! Appropriate for kids turning 7 and up.

Each participant will build the custom-designed Pow! Science Zipline Runner*!

Even seasoned LEGO Veterans will love the simple but innovative Zipline Runner we've designed for this party. Each participant will build their own Zipline Runner, and zzzZZZZIP them down the line at high speed! Young Engineers will then divide and conquer, building a Straws and Connectors Tower that reaches up, up -and over the Zipline, creating a tunnel for Zipline Runners to fly through!

"The LEGO Party" is one of our newest themes and it's getting everyone very excited.

Did we mention that as a bonus building project we'll make and spin the World's Easiest LEGO Battle Top? Less than 10 seconds to build! Incredible spin times!!

Unlike our other themes, most of the time during this party the kids are up and moving around the room excitedly. This party tends to be a little noisier than our other party themes, and we welcome fun-spirited parents who want to join the action and help keep the Zipline Runners Zipping!

As there is no "Take-Home" item made during this party, Goodie Bags are included in your party price!

Spa Science


Experience the Softer Side of Science with these Aromatic Experiments! Appropriate for kids turning 7 and up.

Participants test their senses as they try to identify 5 deliciously scented test tubes and perform fascinating, FIZZING Chemistry Experiments that introduce and explain the ingredients of their final project - a scented fizzing bath bomb! Turn your party guests into a human electrical circuit!

Worried if your boy guests will have a good time at this party? Don't be! The chemistry experiments here don't pull any punches!

Spy Science!


Be a Spy! Appropriate for kids turning 8 and up.

Spies in training will learn to code make and break, and take a record of their own fingerprints! Secret Agents in the Making will also perform an exciting Chemistry Experiment to test their powers of observation.

Comfortable reading and writing skills are necessary for this party.

Awesome Add-ons!

Amp up your science party with any of these Awesome Add-ons!

Rocket launch

Blast Off With A Stomp Rocket Launch!


Every kid at your party BLASTS OFF a Stomp-Powered Rocket to the Moon (Birthday Child gets 2 Turns, Naturally!)


Cost: $5.00

Bubble Tunnel!

Encapsulate your guest inside a GIANT BUBBLE with this ultimate add-on! Epic photo op for your birthday child & guests as they giggle inside the biggest bubble you’ve ever seen!

*Available in the Pow! Science! Activity Center Only!

Important: Bubble Tunnel is a very fun, but also a Time-Intensive add-on - if you select this you won't be able to add Candy Blaster or Slime Time too... but you can choose from the other add-ons instead! This ensures you have plenty of time for cake, pizza, and singing Happy Birthday!

Cost: $25.00

Geen slime

Slime Time!

Add on our most popular Science Experiment to any party - Stretchy, Bouncy SLIME!

Slime is included with the "Alchemical Chemistry" Theme

Important: Slime Time is a very fun, but also a Time-Intensive add-on - if you select this you won't be able to add Candy Blaster or Bubble Tunnel too... but you can choose from the other add-ons instead! This ensures you have plenty of time for cake, pizza, and singing Happy Birthday!

Cost: $3.00/child

Rocket launch

Diet Coke & Mentos Erupting Geyser!!

Watch as your child blasts an incredible Geyser of Diet Coke straight up to the ceiling (with the able assistance of your Pow! Science Party Professional).

This experiment is included with the "Chem 201" Theme

Cost: $10.00

Miner's Hat and Pick Axe


Mineral Mining! 


Kids LOVE "panning for gold" in our running water Mining Sluice and discovering an assortment of treasures such as Amethyst Crystals, Fool's Gold & More! The Birthday Boy/Girl always gets an Extra Special Mineral in their Birthday Mining Bag!


Costs: $3.00/bag

Candy Blaster


Candy Blaster!


Kids take turns pulling keys out of the Candy Blaster! When the right one is selected, everyone blasts off with a (safe) explosion of candy. Add on costs below.


Candy Blaster! with Candy and Goodie Bags (contain at least 3 novelty toys per bag): $45.00 

Candy Blaster! with Candy Only: $20.00


Important: Candy Blaster is a very fun, but Time-Intensive add-on - if you select this you won't be able to add Bubble Tunnel or Slime Time too... but you can choose from the other add-ons instead! This ensures you have plenty of time for cake, pizza, and singing Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Candle

Happy Birthday Candle!

Light this candle and it shoots a Roman Candle nearly 1 foot into the air, pops open with candles lit, plays the Happy Birthday Song, and rotates. Unbelievable! Comes in Pink, Blue, or Rainbow!

Cost: $8.00

Roller Coaster

The Extreme Coaster!

Roll each kid down a big, indoor Roller Coaster Ramp and watch them crash into a big pile of bean bags! The birthday child gets 2 turns, of course. Can only be used by kids less than 80 lbs.

Cost: $15.00

Birthday Party FAQs

Q: What Should I bring?
A: Cake & refreshments & paper goods(cups, plates, napkins, etc), and candles. We have a "dorm room" sized refrigerator (short cube-shaped) to keep juice boxes, Hoodsie cups, etc. cold. Keeps ice cream frozen. Does not fit Ice Cream Cakes!

Q: When can I arrive?
A: Please plan to arrive about 15 minutes prior to the start of your party. This makes sure that we have time to prepare the party room for you and your guests including cleaning up from the party before yours!

Q: Wow, my party's Science Instructor is AMAZING!! Can I tip him or her?
A: Sure! We certainly encourage tipping your instructor if you feel they did a great job! You can tip them directly or we can even add it to your party balance at the registers.

Q: Any restrictions on what sort of food I may bring?
A: Almost none. It's your party. Bring whatever you like; no alcoholic beverages are permitted.

Q: Do you charge for adults? What about toddlers?
A: We absolutely do NOT charge for adults! Toddlers are generally not counted towards your headcount unless they participate in the experiments. For example, at the 'Volcano' Party, we count volcanoes at the end. Whoever made one gets counted.

Q: Should I bring a tablecloth?
A: Only if your child wants a certain theme (Spiderman, Star Wars, etc). The party tables are covered with heavy white craft paper during the science experiments. We remove the paper and sanitize the tables after the Science & before you serve the refreshments. The tables are brightly colored plastic and don't need to be covered.

Q: What about Goodie Bags?
A: You can certainly bring your own, but we also provide them as an add-on service with the Candy Blaster! Each participant receives a bag pre-loaded with sciencey goodies (such as rainbow glasses, glowing lizards, globe keychains, bouncy balls, punch balloons, etc) and then we play with the Candy Blaster!

Please Note: The following party themes include Goodie Bags as a take-home item: Fizz-Bubble-POW!, Chem 201, Citibocks, and LEGO Zipline.

Price for Candy Blaster! with Goodie Bags: $45.00 

Price for Candy Blaster! when you bring your own Goodie Bags: $20.00

Price for Goodie Bags when party theme already has a take-home: $3/bag

Q: Do you have an incredible, pyrotechnic Birthday Candle that shoots sparks and plays the Happy Birthday Song?
A: Why yes, we do, and although it retails for $9.99, you can add it to your party for just $8.00. See the video below:

Additional Info

Please call us to check availability for your party.

Please call 401-788-1024 to book your party or for more info!

Important Info - Birthday Confirmations!

If you have not received an email confirmation (with invoice) from us within 72 hours of your Birthday Party please call 401-788-1024


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