Cool Paper Cutting Experiment!

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Cool Paper Cutting Experiment!

Observe a physical change by using a Paper Chain.

Cool Paper Cutting Experiment!


To observe a physical change by using a Paper Chain.



  • Lined notebook paper (not loose leaf - it can't have holes in it)
  • Scissors



  1. Fold the paper in half lengthwise, perpendicular to the lines as shown in picture 1 below.
  2. Look at picture 2 and find the points labeled A and B on your paper. Cut across the folds at points A and B as shown. Be sure to stop cutting about a quarter of an inch away from the open edge!
  3. Alternating between the open edge and the folded edge, cut along every other printed line on the paper. Make sure to stop cutting a quarter inch from the edge each time.
  4. Make your final cut as in picture 3, cutting along the folded edge, but leaving the folds uncut at points A and B as shown.
  5. Carefully stretch the paper open.





What's Going On?

You've simply changed the shape of the paper in a clever way. It's still paper, though, isn't it?


Think and talk about this!

Physical changes don't produce a new substance. Chemical changes do. How could you chemically change the paper?


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