Marbles, Tracks & Ramps

Gravity, Rolling & Motion-Great for PreK-1st Graders!


Marbles, Tracks & Ramps explores Gravity, Forces, and Motion. We begin with demonstrations of each of these concepts (usually while sitting on the rug), and then we move the kids into 8 teams of 2-3 kids(pre-selected by the teacher) to build actual working Ramp Systems using Blocks & Marbles.

Parameters and guidelines for building the ramps are provided, but there is a lot of room for creativity and imagination during this part of the program.

We end up back on the rug for a review of what we've seen and a look at "The Plinka-Plunk Machine" which demonstrates gravity, forces, and motion in a fun way to wrap up the program.

Core Framework Standards Addressed

Scientific and Engineering Practices

1. Asking questions and defining problems
2. Developing and using models
3. Planning and carrying out investigations
4. Designing solutions for engineering

Crosscutting Concepts

1. Patterns
2. Cause and effect: Mechanism and explanation
4. Systems and system models
6. Structure and function

Disciplinary Core Ideas

Engineering, Technology, and Applications of Science
ETS1: Engineering design

Program Rates

Number of Kids One Program 2nd Program* 3rd Program*
Up to 20 $175.00 $150.00 $140.00

*Discounts available for same program, on same day, and at same location

Please contact us to discuss groups over 20.

Important - Program Confirmations!

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